Hilly Backyard Landscaping Ideas


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Having trouble finding a good design of your garden? This is the most common concern when your garden is to be a bit on the side of a hill. However, with ideas for landscaping in the backyard of the hills, it is not impossible. Only slightly more than it works.

There are probably more difficulties when trying your mountains behind. However, when done right, the slope can add more charm to your place. And there are many landscapes which can help you use the position of your garden to your advantage.

There are some things to consider when landscaping on a slope. Some of them are:

Erosion prevention

I could say that the main concern in the garden on a slope is soil erosion that might occur. For this reason, you need a scope or any other system to avoid this.

Cover crops are herbs that can keep the soil and prevent erosion. This is great for tracks that are not too steep. Probably with a grade of 2 or 3. For example, you can use Pachysandra grass and fescues. Or could be used if you want to go to Myrtle for flowering plants and ground covers.

For a much steeper slope, however, requires something more than the use of cover crops to prevent erosion. There are several ways to solve this problem. For example, you could build a terrace on the hill and have their factories there. Another example is the use of retaining walls at the base of the hill.


Another thing to consider is the variety of plants to use for your garden mountain. You have several options for her. As mentioned above, ground covers and herbs has its purpose. Flowering plants and trees can also be used to beautify the environment and help create an atmosphere. Just make sure everything is blended to achieve the landscape you want.

Hilly landscape garden ideas

The best thing to do is look over the hills garden landscaping ideas. There are certainly many of these online. And if you’re going to hire a professional landscaper, you must be involved in set design and decision making.

Given the above considerations in mind, you must have something to say about the design of your landscaping backyard. Therefore we suggest you review some of the images and ideas that would look great in the yard you have.

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