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The scenery around my porch? This is often, or plan to have an observatory in the garden homes and apartment owners are asking questions. It takes some thinking to answer the problem. When we talk, our observation of the things you have in mind in the beautiful environment is described.

Pavilions can be really nice addition to the courtyard. In addition to offering views of almost magical play around with friends or family in the beauty of the natural and built only is a great place to relax. Therefore, it is more around the observatory is important to have a great view.

This is a few things to consider here is that you, your summer home, you can create a beautiful environment:

Space and budget

First, you must consider how much space your picture. This pavilion on the surrounding landscape a lot of problems in preparing the draft. In fact, I would suggest as the basis for the design of the landscape of the package, the map of your property. In this way, it would go into the design mark used to identify the elements will be easy.

Another thing to consider about your take on this project is a budget. Than you are a professional gardener, if you plan to make yourself, you can save a lot. Additional features of the landscape and reduce those costs to go to. Perhaps the main house pavilion, you can create reports in.


Landscape plants are part of the process. Plants add life to any picture to have something. If your father, your plants from its aesthetic value, other than the primary purpose must be thinking. For example, if you have any shade you like dogwood and crepe myrtle or medium-sized ornamental trees can be planted. These kinds of oaks and other shade trees strongly rooted trees, unlike the very foundation of the pavilion will be provided without.

Shrubs and plants for the pavilion can be a bit of personal information. The beauty of the trees on the street is very keundoeji Pavilion, please do. While the father does not use food as a flowering plant is the other side is a nice addition. Otherwise, the flowers in the Pavilion is very annoying when you want to eat, you can attract insects.


In addition to the plants, you have a good atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings of the pavilion can take to improve the embellishments. For you as well as a soothing water feature may be around for. Or father, or a new feeder bird bath near the can. Enjoy it while you are in the museum is a joy to see these birds.

There are a variety of decorative accents to achieve a specific atmosphere can be added. It is uniquely suited to the overall design of your yard should be remembered, especially the observatory needs is a good thing.

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